No News to Report about Texas School Board Stance on Science Education

Dallas Morning NoNews No News To Report About Texas School Stance on Science Education Dallas — In a stunning development there is no news in Texas. There is no news. Nothing to report. “I don’t see any news here,” said the board president. However, another board member said, “The board hasn’t created news yet, but just wait there’ll be some news eventually.” News was sought across the state, but unable to be found. “We haven’t been making news, I don’t see any news now, nor is there any news forthcoming” said one board member. “I like news,” commented another, “but we’re not making any.” In the past both President Bush and Governor Perry have made news. “The news must be Read More ›

Essential Reading: No Free Lunch

No Free Lunch: Why Specified Complexity Cannot Be Purchased without Intelligence By William A. Dembski Rowman & Littlefield, 2002, 404 pages ISBN 0-7425-1297-5 No Free Lunch, the sequel to mathematician and philosopher William Dembski’s Cambridge University Press book The Design Inference, explores key questions about the origin of specified complexity. Dembski explains that the Darwinian search mechanism of random mutation coupled with natural selection is incapable of generating novel complex, specified information (CSI).

“It’s not even close to explaining how really new functions and structures arise”

There’s been a lot of handwaving about a study out of the University of Oregon that purports to refute Michael Behe. You might think this is deja vu (vu, vu, vu), but it isn’t. New York Times science writer Ken Chang reported this week on how “scientists have pinpointed mutations in an ancient protein that transformed its shape and function more than 400 million years ago.” One of the researchers even claims to have discovered “how evolution sculpted the protein structure to produce a new function.” Really? With such claims having been bandied about before with little basis in reality, I sought out a biologist working in a research lab and asked her about this paper and she responded:

UK Columnist Spots Dawkins’ Arrogance in Argument against Intelligent Design

This month saw two very different takes on intelligent design in the UK press. As we reported earlier, the Guardian ran a story which set up a false dichotomy of ID as a personal opinion and Darwinism as scientific fact. Standing in contrast to this view is Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips, who wrote a penetrating piece on how the rationality of science is threatened by the new atheists, such as Richard Dawkins: The most conspicuous example of this is provided by Dawkins himself, who breaks the rules of scientific evidence by seeking to claim that Darwin’s theory of evolution – which sought to explain how complex organisms evolved through random natural selection – also accounts for the origin of Read More ›

New Ben Stein Flick, Expelled, Blows the Whistle on the Darwinist Inquisition

Expelled is a disturbing new documentary that will shock anyone who thinks all scientists are free to follow the evidence wherever it may lead. Two years ago when we hosted an event at the National Press Club to raise the alarm about the persecution of pro-ID scientists and educators, I was quoted as saying: “There is a disturbing trend of scientists, teachers, and students coming under attack for expressing support in the theory of intelligent design, or even just questioning evolution. The freedom of scientists, teachers, and students to question Darwin’s theory, or to express alternative scientific hypothesis is coming under increasing attack by people that can only be called Darwinian fundamentalists.” Well, it is nearly two years later and Read More ›