Confused Darwinists Play Coroner with IDEA Center

[Author’s Note: This is a fun statement that I recently posted on the IDEA Center’s website. Since it discusses the latest Darwinist rhetorical trends regarding the entire ID movement, I thought readers of ENV would be interested in reading it as well. The original article is posted on the IDEA Center’s website, here.] IDEA Center: “I feel happy, I feel happy” “I feel fine … I think I’ll go for a walk … I feel happy, I feel happy” says a lively chap being dragged off as dead by a confused would-be coroner in Monty Python’s classic movie The Holy Grail. Like this coroner, Darwinists eagerly want ID to die, or at least they want to bury a movement that Read More ›

Another Student Letter Defends ID against Ad Hominem-Happy Critics

Rabia Malik, a leader of the IDEA Club at Cornell University has an insightful letter published in today’s Cornell Daily Sun. Rabia explains clearly how Darwinists resort to stereotypes and ad hominem attacks upon ID proponents. Yet she herself stands as a refutation of these stereotypes, as she explains “For the record – I am neither a Christian, nor a conservative, nor Republican.” Read the letter below! Editorial resorts to stereotypes To the Editor: Re: “Who Is the Dodo?,” Editorial, Feb. 13 It is disappointing to see that the same stereotypes are always resorted to in the evolution vs. intelligent design debate. The Sun has sadly enough fallen to the same tactics to justify their opinions. From a newspaper that Read More ›