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Zombie Walk — How Will You Respond to the March for “Science”?

March for Science

The March for Science, this Saturday, April 22, has morphed into a march to push everyone to bow to the scientific “consensus.” It exalts the herd mentality that excludes open inquiry and any objective consideration of evidence for design in nature.

How will you respond? Because of your past generosity, we have the perfect way. Here at Evolution News, we’ve already alerted you about an excellent new book by Discovery Institute biologist Jonathan Wells. I love the title: Zombie Science: More Icons of Evolution.

Zombie Science releases tomorrow, April 18. That’s just four days before the March for Science. It’s a perfect chance to reshape the national conversation and forcefully rebut Darwinism.

But success will require a world-class marketing rollout, in the weeks and months to come. Please consider partnering with us to achieve that at this pivotal moment.

Dr. Wells’s electrifying sequel to Icons of Evolution challenges the worst pretensions of the March for Science. As he shows, what often passes for objective science is really dogmatism yoked to scientism. It’s zombie science masquerading as empirical science. See the trailer for the book here.

Activists behind the March for Science tar “Darwin deniers” as enemies of science. Reasoned discourse gets crowded out by name-calling and bandwagon appeals. The not-so-subtle message of the march: Just keep the tax dollars flowing and trust the academic establishment without question.

Meanwhile, the march is getting lavish attention from the mainstream media. And it’s being used to launch a new Netflix series by evolution propaganda man Bill Nye, “the Science Guy.”

The media payoff for zombie science will intensify in the run-up to the march and surf onward from there.

We can’t afford to sit idly by, and we don’t have to. We can respond with an energetic media campaign for Jonathan Wells’s new book. But that requires financial resources. Help Jonathan Wells and Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture spread the truth with your timely gift of $75, $150, or $500.

What’s the “scientific” outlook of the activists behind the March for Science? The official Twitter account for the March pointed to “colonization, racism, immigration, native rights, sexism, ableism, queer-, trans-, intersex-phobia, & econ justice” as “scientific issues.”

They later pulled the tweet, but the page continues to champion political correctness across a range of issues, and to scold anyone who fails to toe the line on “scientific” orthodoxy.

Another tweet from the March organizers, also later taken down, gave a shout out of sympathy to the Islamic State as “marginalized people.”

Happily, Jonathan Wells remains undaunted. And his new book has already garnered rave reviews from scientists around the world willing to challenge Darwinian dogma.

Here’s praise from Günter Bechly, paleontologist and former curator for the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, Germany:

In this sequel to his seminal book Icons of Evolution, molecular biologist Jonathan Wells…shows that the theory of macroevolution still lacks empirical support, and that the materialist dogma has corrupted modern science, which desperately tries to close the door for any alternative explanations like Intelligent Design. Wells’s book represents an important contribution for a paradigm change that is long overdue. It is easy to understand for laymen, and an enjoyable read as well.

How many people will hear Dr. Wells’s powerful new case against zombie science and evolutionary orthodoxy? How many young people who watch Bill Nye’s propaganda fest on Netflix will also hear Jonathan Wells’s powerful case against Darwinian dogmatism?

Time is short. I’m urging you to make a contribution right now to reach hearts and minds in the coming days.

With your help we can spread the message with more Facebook ads. We can offer more YouTube videos to visually illustrate the key messages of the book. And we can partner with media firms to put Wells and other intelligent design scholars front and center for key media events.

The scientific revolution was launched by scientists such as Galileo, Kepler and Newton. They sought the hidden order of nature because they believed nature was the work of an intelligent designer. That’s a scientific heritage worth marching for.

Please join us in countering zombie science with your crucial financial gift today!