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Jonathan Wells: Biologist, Author of Zombie Science, and…Ex-Con?

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Biologist Jonathan Wells, author of Zombie Science and Icons of Evolution, opens up about his likes, dislikes, and college years, in this Up Close and Personal video. Jonathan Wells does scientific research and writes about science education and textbooks. Find more information about Jonathan Wells’ work at www.iconsofevolution.com. 

Why is understanding Dr. Wells as a person important? Because in assessing anyone as a guide to anything, integrity must count for a great deal. Ask yourself: In defending principle, how far is this person willing to go? What cost is he willing to pay rather than compromise on what his reasoning tells him is right? What punishment will he accept?

Does this sound melodramatic? It’s not. As a younger man, Wells stood up to the government, stood up for his principles under some harrowing circumstances. The context at the time was war and peace. The context now is evolution and intelligent design. Different times, different context, but the same man. You might agree with him, you might disagree with him — this is a scientist with integrity of a kind none of his critics that we’re aware of can claim.

Zombie Science: More Icons of Evolution exposes the myths that the Darwin apologetics industry foists on the public through media and biology textbooks: Darwin’s Tree of Life, walking whales, DNA as “The Secret of Life,” so-called “Junk DNA,” cancer as an evolutionary mascot, vestigial organs, and more. Jonathan Wells is your guide to the front line in the evolution debate.

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