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Listen: “You Really Shouldn’t Be Presenting Intelligent Design in Public Schools”

David Klinghoffer

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“You really shouldn’t be presenting intelligent design, certainly shouldn’t be requiring it, in public schools.” So says Center for Science & Culture Associate Director John West in reply to an educator’s question.

Surprised? That’s only because the media have overwhelming distorted Discovery Institute’s education policy in the years since the 2005 Dover decision.

It’s a new episode of ID the Future. Listen to the podcast here, or download it here.

Dr. West replied in the context of a Q&A session following a performance of the play Disinherit the Wind by Matt Chait. CSC Senior Fellow Jonathan Wells was also on hand, and the three had a great discussion about the limits of what unguided evolution can do, why objective information about evolution is withheld from public school students, and the puzzle set by the wonders of biology.

Image credit: qimono, via Pixabay.