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From Jerusalem, Special Episode of ID the Future with Physicist Lee Spetner

David Klinghoffer


Physicist Lee Spetner sat down with ID the Future’s Ira Berkowitz in Jerusalem for a remarkably lucid and informative discussion of the cutting edge of debate about Darwinism. Dr. Spetner, with a PhD from MIT, is the author of Not by Chance and The Evolution Revolution.

He explains why evolution is not even a theory, and why loss of information and antibiotic resistant bacteria are no evidence for evolution. Spetner responds to claims by evolutionist Jerry Coyne, notes the consequences of Darwin’s dependence on Thomas Malthus, and more.

Download the podcast here, or listen to it here.

Photo: Jerusalem, by Wayne McLean (Jgritz) (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.