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In Time for Black Friday, Here’s the New Discovery Institute Bookstore

Black Friday

It’s Black Friday, the traditional first day of the Christmas shopping season. What should you do?

You can jump in the car and wade through crowds at the local mall, or you can do the smart thing and join us in exploring the new bookstore operated by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture. It’s right here!

Check it out: This is your one-stop portal for obtaining books, videos, curricula, and other products relating to intelligent design, evolution, science and faith, and science and culture.

To be completely honest, the photo above is not the snazzy new interior of the Discovery Store. It’s the snazzy interior of the new Amazon Bookstore in Seattle’s University Village.

Nevertheless, our freshly launched operation is entirely online, which is a plus. It necessitates no messy traffic crawls or jostling with fellow patrons to get up close to the book table stacked with inviting copies of Darwin’s Doubt, Signature in the Cell, Undeniable, The Wonder of Water, Zombie Science, Darwin’s House of Cards, Hitler’s Religion, and of course our newest offering, the Beautiful Monster itself, Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique.

The books come straight to your door.

These and many more titles are not only an opportunity to learn about the evidence for design in nature. They are also a testament to the amazing insights and productivity of our CSC Fellows. Welcome, and enjoy!

Photo: Amazon Books, Seattle, WA, by SounderBruce, via Flickr.