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Beauty, Coherence, Semiotics, and the Coronavirus — Webinar Series Continues Thursday

Image: Fusion Medical Animation, via Unsplash.

Please join us for the third in a series of webinars on Covid-19 from an intelligent design perspective, organized by our U.K. sister, the Centre for Intelligent Design. In this free lecture, Thursday, July 30, at 12 pm Pacific time or 8 pm British, Dr. Hugo van Woerden, a public health physician, explains why he does not believe that philosophical and methodological naturalism can give a holistic explanation for some of the features of the coronavirus, including its coherence and complexity.

Find the webinar here:

You can watch archived versions of the two previous classes in the series, taught respectively by biologists Michael Behe and Jonathan McLatchie, below:

Based on the idea of semiotics, that is, the study of the use of signs and symbols in communication, Dr. van Woerden argues that purely physical explanations have difficulty in explaining the language-like features of communication between the coronavirus and a cell. He advocates for a world view that integrates all the evidence within and beyond science, and that rejects a strict philosophical or methodological naturalism as a complete explanation for natural phenomena.