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Politicized Science Can Be Deadly; Time to Restore Integrity

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Photo credit: Jon Tyson, via Unsplash.

“We are being lied to about everything.” That was the entire anguished text of a tweet that struck me the other day. It was from a young woman whose top interests, to judge from her Twitter feed, include the science experts’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It came on the heels of a remarkable public statement from another young woman, Bari Weiss, resigning her job as a journalist at the New York Times. She explained that she was sickened by the ruling “orthodoxy” at the newspaper, a “predetermined narrative,” “bullying,” “online venom,” smears, lies, and vicious false labels directed at the ideologically non-compliant. 

Yes, she sounded like she was describing the world of academic Darwinism!

A Time of Crisis

Americans are waking up and recognizing a dangerous lack of integrity in science and in the media. At a time of crisis, here’s what you can do make a positive difference.

Imagine there was a pandemic and a great number of people found themselves greeting statements from scientists, conveyed by the media, with increasing jaded skepticism. In fact, the media at this moment worry about Americans not trusting the “experts” about COVID, whether regarding mandatory masks or about the “fantasy land of a forthcoming return to normalcy,” as a reporter for The Hill sneered. 

Now imagine that, perhaps, what those scientists say really should be believed. Finally they’re telling the truth but half the country won’t believe them. The cost in lives could be staggering.

People distrust the experts because large swaths of science and the media have traded truth for advancing an ideological agenda. We’re numb to what they tell us.

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture seeks to restore science to its own credibility. How? By sidestepping the media bullies, to directly challenge the “experts.” Our heroes are courageous, truth-telling scientists who upset the smug atheism of the intellectual establishment. They ask the most important questions of all: Where does life come from? Why are we here?

Denton, Behe: Our Scientist-Heroes

Two of our heroes have important books coming out in the fall from Discovery Institute Press. Please, we need your help us to publish, distribute, and publicize their work. Biologist Michael Denton arrives in September with The Miracle of the Cell, detailing the ultra-fine-tuned chemistry, down to the level of atoms, without which the first living cell would be impossible. Evolution presupposes intelligent design!

Then in November, look out for biochemist Michael Behe with his new book (not yet titled). One fib told about Behe is that he doesn’t respond to critics. Wrong! He has been responding for decades, powerfully, to top ID critics including Kenneth Miller, Richard Dawkins, Sean Carroll, Richard Lenski, and Jerry Coyne. The new book, close to 500 pages, collects his very best replies.

The search for truth lives on. These works explain the evidence for purpose and meaning in life against the cynicism and deception of established science. Please help the world receive this hopeful message at a time when people need it most!

Discovery Institute Press provides vital resources to those searching for the truth about evolution and intelligent design. You are crucial to our success, as you join hands with our writers, editors, designers, and social media promoters to make these books a reality.