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The “Hard” Problem of Consciousness

Above is a picture of three children in the 1950s. One of them is me, the other two are not. I saw the world from inside one of these children. I saw every picture that entered through his eyes, I heard every sound that entered through his ears, and when he fell on the sidewalk, I felt his pain.

How did I end up inside one of these children? This is a question that rarely seems to trouble evolutionists. They talk about human evolution as if they were outside observers and never seem to wonder how they got inside one of the animals they are studying. They consider that human brains are just complicated computers, and so the problem of human origins would be essentially solved if they could explain how these advanced mechanical brains evolved. 

Well, my new video “Why Evolution is Different” shows that most scientists are not even going in the right direction in their attempts to explain the origin and development of life:

But even if they could explain how animals with mechanical brains evolved out of the “primeval slime,” would I consider human origins to be a solved problem? Certainly not, that would still leave unsolved the most important problem of all, the one that evolutionary biologists never seem to even wonder about: How did I get inside one of those children?