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Book Launch! Join Us for a Global Webinar with Michael Denton, Wednesday, October 21

Photo credit: Nathan Jacobson.

Biochemist Michael Denton’s new book, The Miracle of the Cell, launched this month, and next Wednesday you can join us in celebrating with Dr. Denton himself. He is, of course, not only a pre-eminent proponent of the scientific theory of intelligent design but also a wonderful and charming personality. He’ll speak with us live from Australia on Wednesday, October 21, from 6 to 7 pm Pacific time.

There is a cap to how many can participate so be sure to register now. It’s a global webinar and you will get a chance to ask your questions and offer your own challenges on the theme of what Denton calls the cell’s “infinite complexity.” More information and a link to register are here.

Miracle of the Cell

As I said the other day, “A shallow response to fine-tuning arguments is that of course the environment is fit for life. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t be around to observe it! Denton’s reply is that the fine-tuning is far, far, far more intricate, exacting, and interdependent than we could have expected. It’s more exacting than we know even today.” With his important Privileged Species series, Dr. Denton brings news of how science — biology, chemistry, and physics — is discovering the message hidden in ultra-fine-tuned life. Find an excerpt from The Miracle of the Cell here.