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Does Behe Ignore Critics? Find Out in a Live Webinar Saturday

Photo: Michael Behe discusses “Biological Truth & Myth: Insights from the Foundation of Life" (screenshot).

As he summarizes in the recent video presentation below, Michael Behe in his books argues for two propositions:

  • “Darwin’s mechanism is grossly inadequate to explain the molecular structure of life.”
  • “A firm conclusion of purposeful design is empirically justified.”

One of the weirdly persistent themes in attacks on him by other biologists is that he “waves away” opposing interpretations. “Behe waves away evidence” for contrary views, as biologist Kenneth Miller said in a 2007 review of The Edge of Evolution in the journal Nature. Sean Carroll, in the journal Science, demanded, “Is it possible that Behe does not know this body of data? Or does he just choose to ignore it?” Paul Gross in The New Criterion complained that Behe “ignor[es] important conflicting material in the primary literature.”

Is that true? Hardly! But don’t believe me. The proof is Behe’s new book, the 556-page A Mousetrap for Darwin: Michael J. Behe Answers His Critics, collecting old and new replies to the likes of, well, Kenneth Miller, Sean Carroll, Paul Gross, and many others. Join us tomorrow, Saturday, November 21, at 10 am Pacific time, to celebrate the release of Professor Behe’s book. He’ll discuss what’s in it, what’s new, what’s old, and what it all means for the debate about biological origins. 

More information about the webinar is here. And here is where you go to register — which you must do to participate. Yes, he will be taking questions and challenges from the audience, live. That’s just 24 hours away! For your Behe fix in the meantime, enjoy this new video:

The Lehigh University biochemist discusses “Biological Truth & Myth: Insights from the Foundation of Life.” Enjoy! And we will see you tomorrow.