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Reuben’s Story — A Light in Troubled Times

Photo: Lime Kiln Lighthouse, San Juan Island, via Wikimedia Commons.

I was just about to type out my life story when I realised that whoever is reading this really wouldn’t be interested. Instead I’ll cut to the chase: your work at Discovery Institute may have saved my life.

So began the email sent to us at The 18-year old writer named Reuben, from a small town in the United Kingdom, went on to describe how he had found us during his search for organizations that dealt with origin-of-life research. His thoughtful and insightful email revealed much about his journey.

Methodological naturalism (and its associated atheism) is a very depressing thing to be told is the truth. This is what I was essentially told when introduced to the “scientific fact” of Darwinian evolution at sixth form A-level biology (kinda like “high school” in the U.S. I think). No one else in my class seemed to care that this “brilliant science” told them that the universe is completely meaningless, life a complete accident, and their sense of “self” in fact a worthless illusion. I felt very small.

Gratitude to You

Then Reuben came across Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box and the idea of irreducible complexity. It made sense to him and provided scientific evidence for design. Now he has watched nearly every one of our videos on YouTube and is reading Foresight by Marcos Eberlin.

More than that, he discovered Discovery Institute and expressed his sincere gratitude for the work made possible by people like YOU.

Thank goodness I live in a time where fields such as biochemistry are actually (to my great delight) revealing intelligence and planning. But I want to thank you all so so much. Because it is not easy to stand up against the paradigm. To be branded as “religious heretics” by proud, often arrogant people. The layman is never going to question them, and the vast majority of young scientists are brainwashed into joining them. But not me, and I can thank you for that.

As I read Reuben’s email, it warmed my heart to know the impact our donors have made on this young man’s life through their support of the Center for Science & Culture. Would you consider joining them?

Without our supporters there would be no books by Michael Behe, Marcos Eberlin, Stephen Meyer, Michael Denton, and others. There wouldn’t be a wide-array of YouTube videos critiquing Darwinian evolution and providing scientific evidence for intelligent design. There would most certainly not be an educational and research network circling the globe that will be a resource to him now and in the future.

In 2020, our Education and Outreach Initiative reached over 32,000 people through 53 events (live and virtual), with 360,000+ more views of the videos on YouTube after the events. Our Summer Seminar program engaged 57 participants from 11 countries, 100 percent of whom would recommend the program to others. Generous donors made all this possible and your support today will continue those programs in 2021.

The Lucky One

Reuben is now connected to a welcoming and vibrant community of like-minded people who will stay in touch with him and mentor him throughout his education. He’s the lucky one.

There are many more out there like him. We need you beside us to provide the hope and encouragement and purpose that they need to survive and thrive in their educational and career endeavors. Reuben and I hope you will consider a “life-saving” gift today.