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Watch: Scientists Who Affirm Intelligent Design

Photo: Betsy Siewert, via Discovery Institute.

In the debate about evolution, there are really two questions at stake: First, does Darwin’s theory adequately explain the wonders of life? And second, does nature offer evidence of intelligent design? It’s possible that someone could answer “no” to both questions. Leading up to Darwin Day, February 12 — this Friday — Discovery Institute offers a new brief video addressing the second question in the words of scientists themselves.

Observe the birthday of Charles Darwin with us by sharing this very cool montage with friends, relatives, and teachers. As these scientists see it, reality — from the elements that comprise nature, to the architecture of cells, to that of the universe as a whole — not only defies materialist explanations like Darwin’s but it provides positive testimony to purpose and guidance — that is, design:

That’s important because when the evidence of biology and of cosmology are joined together, they direct us not only to affirming generic “intelligent design,” an unknown designer, but as Stephen Meyer shows in his forthcoming book, to the conclusion of recognizing a personal God. Return of the God Hypothesis is out on March 30. Consider pre-ordering that for yourself, and for other people in your life that you care about, now.