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Webinar with John Lennox: The “Brilliant Design” of Our Universe

Photo: John Lennox in Against the Tide.

“Is it plausible any longer to view our cosmos as coming from chance interactions of matter and energy — from ‘pure dumb luck’?” That’s the question that Oxford University mathematician John Lennox will address in a live webinar this coming Thursday, March 18, at 12 noon Eastern time, sponsored by our friends at the C. S. Lewis Society. Dr. Lennox starred in the recent theatrical film Against the Tide, with actor Kevin Sorbo. The webinar, part of the Cutting Edge series, will tackle “the most compelling new evidence that shows our universe is the result of brilliant design.”

The online event is FREE and Lennox is himself never less than brilliant and charming. Please register in advance here.

Also check out the new course on “Intelligent Design & Darwinism” to be team-taught by Lennox along with Tom Woodward, Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, and Jonathan Wells. Including online and in-person options, that will run March 25 through April 22 over five consecutive Thursday evenings. More information is here. Dr. Woodward, C.S. Lewis Society Executive Director, is the organizer of the course and the Cutting Edge webinar series.