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Five New Videos with Stephen Meyer on PragerU — Our Impact Is About to Explode

Image source: Discovery Institute.

The mission of the Center for Science & Culture is to explore the truth about the meaning and purpose behind the universe, as the best science reveals it. But this is not a private exploration, for the interest of our scientists, scholars, and supporters alone. Directed by philosopher of science Stephen Meyer, the CSC would not be living up to its mission if we did not seek to share what we have found about life and the cosmos with as broad and diverse an audience as possible. 

That’s why our books and other publications, our websites and videos, are also so broad and diverse. Stephen Meyer’s major books — Signature in the CellDarwin’s Doubt, and now Return of the God Hypothesis — are written to speak both to scientists and to thoughtful lay people. We’ve always recognized, though, the need to adapt the results of our research to audiences at the most popular levels. That’s why the CSC is so gratified to announce the expansion of our partnership with PragerU, Dennis Prager’s extraordinarily influential and accessible 10-year-old media venture. With its signature 5-Minute Videos, PragerU educates millions of people around the world.

Scientific Evidence for a Creator

Dr. Meyer’s previous video for PragerU, “Evolution: Bacteria to Beethoven,” has been watched so far by more than a million viewers on YouTube alone, and a total of more than 2.4 million across the Internet. Now we are expanding out with the release today of FIVE BRAND NEW VIDEOS with Meyer, on themes from Return of the God Hypothesis. See them all now at, where you can also take advantage of a free offer — a mini-book by Dr. Meyer, Scientific Evidence for a Creator. We’ll be posting them individually here at Evolution News:

  • “How Did the Universe Begin?”
  • “Aliens, Many Universes, or God?”
  • “Are Religion and Science in Conflict?”
  • “What Is Intelligent Design?”
  • “What’s Wrong with Atheism?”

This is a major advance for intelligent design, and for the God Hypothesis. Although PragerU has been censored on YouTube and across Big Tech (we know all about that ourselves), they nevertheless have a YouTube subscriber list of 2.93 million. We’re on the brink of a great multiplication of our impact. Congratulations to Dr. Meyer, to PragerU, and above all thank you to our generous supporters for making all that we do possible. To join us as the CSC moves into 2022, and maximize your own impact, please go here now to give whatever you can!