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Bacteria: The Superheroes of the Microbial World

Image credit: Discovery Institute.

Ready for the newest superhero movie? It’s not from Marvel Studios.

And the superhero is bacteria.

Learn all about these heroes of the microscopic world — and how they provide compelling evidence for intelligent design — in episode 6 of the popular video series, Secrets of the Cell, premiering Thursday, August 28 at 5 pm, Pacific, right here.

Hosted by biochemist Michael Behe, the first season of Secrets of the Cell recently surpassed more than 1.4 million views on YouTube. The season’s episodes were also re-edited into a half-hour program that was broadcast worldwide on cable and satellite TV.

Another Round with Behe

Now Behe is back for another round. A founding Senior Fellow of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture (CSC) as well as a biology professor at Lehigh University, Behe is best known for his landmark books Darwin’s Black Box, The Edge of Evolution, and Darwin Devolves. 

Season one of Secrets of the Cell featured short 6-8 minute episodes, but season two will feature two longer programs of around 18 minutes each.

“People loved season one,” says Discovery Institute Vice President John West. “But they had a complaint: The episodes were too short! So we decided to expand them, allowing us to dig deeper into the topics we cover.”  

The first episode of the new season will focus on intelligently designed bacteria. The second will explore the jaw-dropping workings of the body’s blood-clotting system. 

“Darwin Destroyed in Five Minutes”

In the episode on bacteria, Behe will introduce audiences to many marvels of the microscopic world, including bacteria that use their own navigation system, microbes that eat plastic waste, and microscopic bugs that can shoot 60 molecular “bullets” every second.

Behe hopes to convince viewers that while “some types of bacteria are harmful to humans… countless other types are superheroes of the microbial world.”

If reactions to the first season are any indication, the second season should make a big impact. The series’ original episodes attracted rave reviews on YouTube from viewers around the world. Comments included “outstanding,” “a real eye opener,” “perfect for grade school through college,” “I’m hooked,” and “I’ll make sure to share this with my students.”

One viewer joked that the episode he watched “should be titled ‘Darwin Destroyed in Five Minutes.’” Another wrote, “This should be shown in every school around the world.”

A college student even shared that the videos were “essential” in helping him make arguments for intelligent design in his college microbiology classes.  

Secrets of the Cell is being produced by Cal Covert and Silver Ridge Productions in conjunction with Discovery Institute and Michael Behe.