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Luskin: Why Intelligent Design over Theistic Evolution?

Image credit: Vicki Hamilton via Pixabay.

A new episode of ID the Future continues geologist and intelligent design theorist Casey Luskin’s conversation with Apologetics 315 podcast hosts Brian Auten and Chad Gross. Here in Part 2, Dr. Luskin give a peek behind the scenes of ID 3.0, the current research program inspired by the intelligent design framework. Luskin is asked to explain his reservations about theistic evolution, and he points out the evidential, rhetorical, and logical problems with the brand of theistic evolution advocated by Francis Collins and BioLogos.

What about the future of the intelligent design movement? Luskin says he’s optimistic, both because of the exciting research and publication breakthroughs of late, and because of the many converts he’s seeing to the ID framework. According to Luskin, many of these recruits remain behind the scenes to avoid reprisals from opponents of ID in positions of power, but some top scientists have come out publicly in support of intelligent design, including two Nobel laureates. Download the podcast or listen to it here.