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Four Troublesome Trend Lines for Evolution

Photo credit: Yathin sk, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.

I’m thinking of four troublesome trend lines for evolution. No doubt you can suggest others. More and more “junk DNA” and functionless “vestigial organs” are found to have function after all (see, for just the most recent examples, here and here). More time goes by with origin-of-life researchers making no progress (here) in their work to explain how life could have arisen from non-life through blind natural processes alone. Practical science research, meanwhile, takes one biological design after another as inspiration for human technological innovation — this is what fuels the remarkable field of biomimetics (here).

In any of these areas, evolutionists can take a snapshot of the day’s news and dismiss design evidence as an anomaly. As our favorite stalker, Professor Dave, put it regarding “junk DNA,” “Good thing most of it is indeed junk which makes zero sense in the context of design but perfect sense in the context of evolution, eh dummy?” But the trend lines persist, and we merely call them out as such. The trends are what ought to be worrying Darwinists. Taken as a totality, they make “zero sense in the context” of classic evolutionary theory.