Materialists Beware: The First Gene Defends a Strictly Scientific, Non-Materialist Conception of Biological Origins

Can a book that is essentially devoid of the term “intelligent design,” doesn’t talk about “specified complexity,” and makes only scant mention of “irreducible complexity,” offer an argument that is friendly to teleology in biology? A new technical book, The First Gene, edited by Gene Emergence Project director David L. Abel, shows that the answer to that question is “yes.” Materialists will not like this book because its arguments are 100% scientific, devoid of religious, political, or cultural concerns, and most importantly, compelling. The arguments in The First Gene are rooted in what Abel calls “ProtoBioSemiotics” or “ProtoBioCybernetics,” which according to Abel answers questions like: How did a prebiotic natural environment of mere mass/energy interactions generate meaningful, functional messages? How Read More ›