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Derbyshire Attacks Gilder Part III: Praising Judge Jones while Pretending To Not Praise George Gilder

Maybe the most fascinating part of Derbyshire’s article is the candor with which he evaluates the strength of Gilder’s arguments. Derbyshire states clearly that “[Gilder’s metaphysic] refutes evolution, which has high-information-bearing substrates arising out of low-information-bearing ones… [and] As metaphysics go, [Gilder’s is] a pretty good schema… a good metaphysic for our age…” Thus it seems that Derbyshire affirms one of Gilder’s central points! In an attempt to not sell the entire farm, Derbyshire assures his fellow naturalists that we are “getting along just fine… discovering new things about the world, pushing the wheel of knowledge forward a few inches every year.” But Darwinist biologist Franklin M. Harold wrote that while “[w]e should reject, as a matter of principle, the Read More ›

Casey Luskin

Darwinists Say: Don’t Ask Tough Questions Because that Will “Disrupt” Evolution Education

“Understanding Evolution,” a website promoting pro-Darwin-only science / theology for usage in schools, has a page entitled “Direct Interference with Teaching and Learning,” which lists “[t]actics used to disrupt or interrupt the teaching of evolution in the classroom” (emphasis added). With a title and description like that, I was expecting to read about sinister tactics that I would never support. I would be the last person to endorse interruptive, disruptive, or otherwise rude behavior towards any teacher, regardless of what is being taught or regardless of students’ views of the subject matter. So I visited the page, where I found the following “disruptive” and “interruptive” tactics: (1) “Opting out” Now I would encourage everyone to learn as much about evolution Read More ›

Casey Luskin

Derbyshire Attacks Gilder Part II: Overblown Claims for Evolution

By Joe Manzari and Casey Luskin John Derbyshire claims that modern biology is built on evolution. He says that “Creationists seem not to be aware of how central evolution is to modern biology. Without it, nothing makes sense… Speciation via evolution underpins all of modern biology, both pure and applied.” However, in 2001, A.S. Wilkins, editor of the journal BioEssays, made it clear that “evolution would appear to be the indispensable unifying idea and, at the same time, a highly superfluous one.” Apparently Derbyshire sees things differently from Wilkins, claiming that evolution is vital for “such things as new cures for diseases and genetic defects, new crops.” Yet Wilkins’ sentiment was re-affirmed in 2005 by Philip Skell, a member of Read More ›

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LiveScience Discussing the Controversy that Doesn’t Exist

LiveScience is one of the premier science news sites on the internet. Thus, I found it funny that its “Evolution” page is largely devoted to discussing (their perception of) intelligent design. The title of the page is “All About Evolution and Intelligent Design.” Since it is “All” about evolution and ID, let’s see how the articles break down.

Casey Luskin

“Anticipatory Erudition” – A Further Comment from Bruce Gordon and David Berlinski in Response to James Downard

Bruce Gordon and David Berlinski asked me to post this second brief response to James Downard. It is regarding James Downard’s response to Ann Coulter (Mr. Downard’s current 3 responses to Coulter can be found here, here, and here). Gordon and Berlinski’s response is posted here in full. It can also be read as a PDF. Anticipatory Erudition Contra James Downard at Talk Reason A further comment on Downard’s diatribes from Bruce Gordon & David Berlinski Of James Downard’s recent essays on Talk Reason, one can only paraphrase Dr. Johnson’s comment about Milton’s Paradise Lost: None would wish them longer. David Berlinski has posted one response to Downard’s critique (“The Vampire’s Heart”). In prescient fashion, Jonathan Wells treated Downard’s complaints Read More ›