Even After Darwin vs Design Conference is Over Controversy Rumbles Along

The Darwin vs Design conference last weekend at SMU in Dallas stirred up quite a debate in the Dallas media, and especially on the SMU campus. A number of articles have appeared in the SMU Daily Campus attacking Discovery Institute and ID, and today Anika Smith and Sarah Levy, the student who helped to organize the conference, have a very good response.

Intelligent Design Information in Italian

I recently noted that the article “The Positive Case for Design” had been translated into Spanish. Well, now it’s been translated into Italian (see here) over at Progetto Cosmo. Check out their website for more information on intelligent design in Italian!  

Airbrushing the Evidence for Reverse Engineering in Biology: Darwinist Makes Wikipedia Reference ‘Disappear’

In the Soviet Union, censors would routinely make out-of-favor party leaders disappear from photographs. In this photograph, Trotsky was made “photographic history” not too long before he was made “history” in a more tangible sense. Darwinists, who are scientific, rather than political, materialists, have an affinity for airbrushing as well. When sneering, name-calling, and obfuscation don’t make the evidence go away, Darwinists just wipe it away. A recent example of Darwinian airbrushing is worth noting.

Mooney and Nisbet Recommend: Drop the Science, Up the Rhetoric

Over at ARN’s Literature Update, David Tyler has an excellent post titled “An Orwellian framing of the debate about evolution and ID,” reporting on an article in Science by Chris Mooney and Matthew Nisbet, who tell scientists how to discuss controversial scientific issues. This same pair wrote the cover article for the influential media journal Columbia Journalism Review just before the Dover trial in September, 2005, encouraging news media to avoid “a quest to achieve ‘balance’” when covering evolution. They even stated, “newspaper editors should think twice about assigning reporters who are fresh to the evolution issue and allowing them to default to the typical strategy frame, carefully balancing ‘both sides’ of the issue.” We have noted that this provides Read More ›

Mr. Lemonick, Michael Faraday, and James Clerk Maxwell

Mike Lemonick, Time Magazine’s senior science writer and credulous Darwinist, has a habit of writing things that make even his Darwinist friends cringe. He recently posted an essay sympathetic with Darwinists who are trying to shut down the Southern Methodist University Darwin vrs. Design conference. He called the Discovery Institute all kinds of names, including “propagandists” and purveyors of “half truths [that] will actually make people more ignorant.” Mr. Lemonick made this remarkable statement: If the DI had been around when people thought lightning was stuff the gods threw when angry, we might still not have electricity. Let’s ask: what role did the inference to design play for scientists who gave us electricity? The 19th century physicists whose research formed Read More ›