Robert L. Crowther, II

CNN’s Lou Dobbs Airs Evolution Debate

Lou Dobbs’ tackles the evolution education debate with Jonathan Wells (whom they correctly identify as a scientist, a molecular biologist no less), John Morris of ICR and Darwinist philosopher Michael Ruse. Poor Michael, this is the second time this week he’s lost this debate. “Lou Dobbs Tonight” airs 6-7pm EST, but is regularly rebroadcast throughout the evening, so be sure to check your local listings (For instance, it is rerun again in Seattle from 8-9pm). The opening runup to the live debate segment gave

Jonathan Witt

An NAS Scientist Breaks Ranks: Urges Kansas to Teach the Controversy over Neo-Darwinism

National Academy of Sciences member Philip Skell has written an open letter to Kansas urging the state to teach the scientific controversy over Neo-Darwinism. As the letter makes clear, he believes the weaknesses in the theory are substantial and relevant. NAS members are elected in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research; election to the Academy is considered one of the highest honors accorded a scientist.

Robert L. Crowther, II

What can Kansas learn from Ohio?

Bryan Leonard, a PhD candidate and biology teacher at Hilliard Davidson High School outside of Columbus, OH, gave one of the most compelling presentations of the entire Kansas Board of Education hearings on teaching evolution. Leonard was the primary author of Ohio state’s Critical Analysis of Evolution lesson plan, certain to be a model for Kansas or any other state that adopts a science standard allowing for the inclusion of scientific criticism of Darwinian evolution.

Seth Cooper

CSC Policy Position: Teach Scientific Strengths & Weakness of Neo-Darwinian Evolution

Recent events in Kansas have given Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture an occasion to repeat its policy position concerning the teaching of evolutionary theory in public schools. Now a proposed piece of legislation in New York requires another reiteration. To restate the CSC’s policy on teaching evolutionary theory in public schools: we OPPOSE the MANDATING of intelligent design theory in public schools. Intelligent design is a promising scientific theory, but it is nonetheless an emerging theory. A better policy would be for students to learn some of the scientific criticisms of neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory and chemical origin-of-life theories, along with the best scientific arguments favoring those respective theories. Drs. John Angus Campbell and Stephen Meyer lay out such Read More ›

Jonathan Witt

A Blogger Asks: Is Intelligent Design Science?

Discovery Institute isn’t calling for states to mandate the teaching of intelligent design in the science classes of our public education system, but neither should a biology teacher be forbidden to discuss it if she so chooses. One blogger’s intellectual journey through the writings of Discovery Institute senior fellow Stephen Meyer offers an engaging explanation of why: