John Lennon, Darwin Doubter

Reaching the status of superstar legendary entertainer must, like being a very aged person, grant you a certain immunity from the need to shape your opinions to secure social approval.

“Intelligent design is Sorely Misunderstood”

CSC associate director John West has a nice op-ed in today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer. In “Intelligent design is sorely misunderstood” West makes the point that the ID scientific research program is sometimes highjacked by people who have little or no understanding of what the theory is about.

Theocracy Charges and Ad Hominem Attacks on the Rise

More and more we’re seeing ridiculous charges from Darwinists that CSC scientists, and scientists skeptical of Darwinism in general, are religious zealots and right-wingers with theocratic leanings. It reminded me of Giuseppe Sermonti’s comment about Darwinism being the only politically correct science. So, now you have dogmatic Darwinists seeking to discredit anyone who speaks out against Darwinism in order to protect a politically correct scientific viewpoint.