How the Science Teachers’ Lobby Keeps Its Constituents in the Dark on Evolution

One of the most powerful education organizations in the country is the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), which stands alongside the rest of the Darwin lobby in holding that neo-Darwinian evolution should be taught in a one-sided, pro-evolution-only fashion. This is an extreme position, as it seeks to ban scientific criticisms of evolution. Due to its exclusive and dogmatic nature, the NSTA’s position is analogous to the extreme position advocated by some religious fundamentalists who would seek to ban teaching about evolution in public schools. But the Darwin lobby is smart. While it is trying to ban and censor the views of its opponents, the Darwin lobby has a particular narrative which tries to paint its opponents as the censors Read More ›

Biology Teacher Survey Authors Want Darwin-Doubting Teachers “To Pursue Other Careers”

A survey in the journal Science hopes that teachers who doubt Darwinism will “pursue other careers.” Is this proof of institutionalized discrimination at work? “Honey, why are you seeking this promotion? Do you really want to swim with us big boys in management? You just stay in your place, sweetie.” If such words were spoken to a female employee in any American corporation, she would immediately be entitled to file a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination — and rightfully so. Such words would also reflect a corporate culture that seeks to marginalize certain employees. This form of institutionalized discrimination would seek to implicitly — or explicitly — discourage unwanted individuals from pursuing certain jobs. With that in mind, what do we Read More ›