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The Closing of Charles Darwin’s Formerly Christian Mind

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Richard Weikart has an exceptionally crisp, clear and unsentimental take on the trajectory of Darwin’s religious belief over the course of his lifetime. It’s up now at the The American Thinker. Excerpt:

So, what lessons can we draw about the relationship between religion and evolutionary theory from Darwin’s own trajectory? First, as he developed his evolutionary theory, he moved from Christian belief in a personal God to a deistic position to agnosticism. It is not clear to what extent his religious views shaped his evolutionary theory, or vice-versa. It seems reasonable to think they developed in tandem. Second, he rejected any divine intervention or even divine purpose in his evolutionary scheme. Third, he rejected the religious basis for morality. None of these points is good news for those trying to refashion Darwin into a religious believer whose evolutionary theory is no threat to religion, especially to traditional forms of Christianity.

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