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Are You Registered Yet for Jonathan Wells’s Zombie Science Book Release Party?

Those pesky icons of evolution continue their march against science, but fortunately we have Jonathan Wells to stand in their way, exposing them for the frauds they are.

We’re throwing a party at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle with a presentation by Wells. If you register now, you can get the book for 25 percent off at the party and have it signed by Wells.  

Wells himself is something of an iconoclast, railing against the tyranny of science’s Darwin-only advocates. His first book, Icons of Evolution, became an international hit by dismantling the outdated and underwhelming “proofs” of evolution that have littered textbooks for decades. For doing so, he was attacked by Darwin’s defenders and became one of the most hated figures of the intelligent design movement.

Now he’s back, uncovering new icons of evolution that are equally lacking in evidence, including whale evolution, the human eye, DNA, and more.  From the book cover:

In 2000, biologist Jonathan Wells took the science world by storm with Icons of Evolution, a book showing how biology textbooks routinely promote Darwinism using bogus evidence — icons of evolution like Ernst Haeckel’s faked embryo drawings and peppered moths glued to tree trunks. Critics of the book complained that Wells had merely gathered up a handful of innocent textbook errors and blown them out of proportion. Now, in Zombie Science, Wells asks a simple question: If the icons of evolution were just innocent textbook errors, why do so many of them still persist?

So, please come celebrate the release of another great book from a champion of good science.

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