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Zombie Science — The Horror that Won’t Stay Dead

Are you scrambling for a Halloween costume idea that will set you apart? Simple: Go as Zombie Science. Just apply a good measure of ghoul makeup, throw on some disheveled clothes, stagger around a bit, and carry a copy of Zombie Science: More Icons of Evolution in your hand.

That is, of course, the title of biologist Jonathan Wells’s latest, exposing evolutionary icons – “zombies,” as he calls them. A zombie is a scientific idea that, even though seemingly defeated and exposed as false, rises from the grave – again and again and again. Much of what the public hears about evidence for Darwinian theory consists of zombies like those that Dr. Wells takes on in his book: DNA as the “secret of life,” the “fairy tale” of whale evolution, the human appendix and other organs as “junk” relics of our evolutionary history, antibiotic resistance, cancer, and others.

Zombie Science is a sequel to his earlier work, Icons of Evolution, with all new zombies, plus a look at the undead evolutionary evidence that he staked through the heart in Icons. Yes, it’s still in the textbooks, the popular media, wherever Darwinists find it useful regardless of being true of not.

Get a copy of Zombie Science for yourself – or give one to a student you know. Can’t wait for your physical copy? Check out the Icons of Evolution website which includes an outstanding library of articles and essays by Jonathan Wells, plus videos and other treats.

Photo credit: © stuart — stock.adobe.com.