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Join Us: Major Conference on Theistic Evolution, April 6-7 in Greater Philadelphia

Theistic Evolution

Update: The deadline to register for this event is Monday, April 2. We strongly advise registering now to reserve your place.

As philosophy, theology, and sociology, theistic evolution is a fascinating and extremely influential phenomenon. Less so as science, since on that score it’s basically a rebranding of traditional evolution for a religious audience. Yet the rebranding effort itself carries many lessons with it.

One of the remarkable things about theistic evolution is how resistant it is to counterarguments. Evolution News has spent weeks, concluding today, rebutting a book by prominent BioLogos author Dennis Venema, Adam and the Genome. Yet it would be entirely in character for that community to just go paddling along as if the book had not be systematically deconstructed.

TE, as some call it for short, can sustain many hours of discussion: What’s wrong with it? What is at stake in the conflict with intelligent design? On specific points of contention — for example, the idea of an originating human couple in our shared genetic past, which TE has largely disallowed — which way is the best science trending now?

We are going to be gathering in Greater Philadelphia next month, April 6 and 7, for a major conference on theistic evolution, and we cordially invite you to join us. It’s the Westminster Conference on Science and Faith, co-sponsored by Discovery Institute, the Westminster Theological Seminary, the Pensmore Foundation, and Crossway Publishers. Meet and hear from some of the contributors and editors behind an important recent book, Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique.

The speakers, top scientists and theologians, include Meyer, Gauger, Poythress, West, Gaffin, and Olifint. More information is here. From the description of what’s on the agenda:

Conference sessions will explore topics such as evolution and the problem of the origin of information, the genetics of Adam and Eve, fossils and human origins, the theological importance of an historical Adam, the failure of theistic evolution in its picture of God, C.S. Lewis’s views on evolution, and more. Plus, there will be a special screening of a new award-winning documentary, Human Zoos, which explores how claims about human origins have led to the devaluation of human life and the violation of human rights.

Look below for the trailer to the provocative new documentary, Human Zoos, written and directed by Discovery Institute’s Dr. John West. It has not yet been released to the public, but you can see it at the Westminster Conference:

It will be a great event, and will equip you to meet what is at the same time the most incoherent and yet also the most pervasive and culturally corrosive attempt to evade and deny the evidence of design in nature. Please go ahead and register now. We will look forward to seeing you there.