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Watch: Biologist Michael Denton on Photosynthesis and Planetary Design

David Klinghoffer


Here is the startling thesis of Michael Denton’s new book, Children of the Light: Astonishing Properties of Sunlight that Make Us Possible, compressed to under three minutes:

The precisely tuned partnership of photosynthesis — feeding plants and manufacturing oxygen as a waste product — with the radiation of the Sun, with the nature of Earth’s atmosphere is too convenient to accommodate an explanation depending on blind chance alone.

The theme of Dr. Denton’s work in the Privileged Species series, capped by Children of the Light, is that the universe from its beginning billions of years ago has obeyed a purposeful design. Fire, water, light…the most fundamental aspects of nature around us are finely tuned, awesomely so, with us in mind. It’s planetary design. To fully realize this is to wipe clean the smear of dull complacency that materialism tirelessly spreads. These are brief books that pack a very powerful punch.