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Is Christianity Anti-Science? Find Out at Our Dallas Conference — Discount Ends December 14


When young adults drift from their faith, intellectual doubts having to do with science are high on the list of reasons they give. It’s evident that religious and other leaders have done a poor job of addressing what Stephen Meyer calls the “God hypothesis.” That’s the subject of Meyer’s next book, and the theme of Discovery Institute’s Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, this coming January 18-19.

In every day’s media headlines, we are seeing the catastrophic results of a culture increasingly detached from confidence in religious tradition. Please join Dr. Meyer along with Jay Richards, James Tour, and Eric Metaxas as we consider the evidence that points not only to intelligent design but to a theistic understanding of the design in biology and cosmology. Parents, students, and educators are particularly encouraged to participate in an important learning experience.

More information and a link to register are here. A price discount for early birds only is available now, but will end on December 14. So do take a moment to register today.