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Conversation Evolves: Richard Lenski Responds to Michael Behe

Richard Lenski, by Zachary Blount [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Darwin Devolves

Yesterday, Michael Behe published his detailed critique of the Science review of his book, Darwin Devolves. See, “Train Wreck of a Review: A Response to Lenski et al. in Science.” 

This morning, Nathan Lents, a co-author of the review, tweeted about a new post by Richard Lenski, by far the most distinguished of the three reviewers for Science, that does what the initial review itself largely failed to do: begin to address Behe’s main argument in the book.

Lenski asks, “Does Behe’s ‘First Rule’ Really Show that Evolutionary Biology Has a Big Problem?” Now that is the question of the hour. Lenski promises two additional posts as well. I’ll leave it to Professor Behe to respond, but I would say this is quite a departure — both for the respectful way in which it’s written, and for its substantive relevance. Yes, Nathan Lents, finally we agree: it is “A good day for thoughtful discussion of evolution.”

Photo: Richard Lenski, by Zachary Blount [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons.