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Mama Bear: Melissa Travis on Parenting, Education, and the Reasons 2019 Conference

Melissa Cain Travis

In a modern culture where so much attention is focused on public education and educators, it’s worth remembering the mantra that home is the first school, and parents are the first teachers. As a mother of two boys, Professor Melissa Cain Travis has made it her mission to help parents — especially mothers — navigate tough questions about origins and beliefs. As she remarked in my recent interview with her on ID the Future:

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to equip our children well with this kind of knowledge, so that when they are set free into the world of corporate America or the secular university, they’ll have the tools with which to counter some of the arguments that they hear.

Travis, who teaches philosophy at Houston Baptist University, talked about the need for “a non-intimidating introduction” to conversations relating science and faith. Besides authoring Science and the Mind of the Maker for a more general audience, she has written children’s books about faith questions and is affliated with the spirited online community Mama Bear Apologetics. Their motto: “Rise up ladies. Rise up Mama Bears. The battle of ideas is real, and it is not taking prisoners.”

Equipping Parents to Talk About Worldviews

Travis is also taking many opportunities to connect with parents at events and conferences, including Reasons 2019, hosted by Discovery Institute, coming up next month in the Houston area. Melissa recalls:

I have heard many, many, many times from parents who have attended conferences like Reasons. They talk about how that experience has better equipped them to have really great worldview conversations with their kids.

Travis’s presentation at Reasons 2019 will provide important context for the conference theme: New Conversations on Science and Faith. Also speaking at the conference are biologist Michael Behe, science historian Michael Keas, and chemist Marcos Eberlin who leads the intelligent design movement in Brazil. The conference runs May 3-4 at Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands, TX. Register now through May 1 at