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Summer Seminar on Intelligent Design for 2020: Application Process Is Open Now

David Klinghoffer

Measured for impact, nothing Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture does is more important than the Summer Seminar on Intelligent Design. By bringing a select group of graduate and undergraduate student to Seattle each summer to learn with top ID scientists, we are seeding the future to change the way science understands biological and cosmic origins. The program is free and includes housing, meals, materials, and even transportation, where help is needed.

This year the seminar runs from July 10-18, 2020. We have just opened the application process today. Find all relevant information and an easy online application here.

We’ll be discussing this amazing program further in this space, but for now I simply want to offer an early notice for students, and an encouragement to non-students to share this information with others. For both the Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences and the C.S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and Society, there are two application deadlines: February 4 for international students and March 4 for applicants from the United States.