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Behe on Denton’s Latest: “The Universe Miraculously Got [It] Right”

David Klinghoffer
Miracle of the Cell
Image credit: Brian Gage.

We’re just the few days out from the Monday, September 28, release of Michael Denton’s new book The Miracle of the Cell. Michael Behe comments:

Michael Denton is the world’s most profound thinker about the fundamental physical and chemical requirements for the existence of a humanoid species such as ourselves. By gathering and synthesizing facts from an enormous range of scientific observations, Denton shows with overwhelming force that the universe was made for intelligent, technology-using beings of roughly our size — beings whose very existence depends precariously on a myriad of physical details that the universe miraculously got right. Anyone who wonders whether nature shows any signs of purpose needs to read The Miracle of the Cell.

Michael J. Behe, Lehigh University molecular biologist and author of Darwin’s Black Box, The Edge of Evolution, and Darwin Devolves.

You can preorder your copy of The Miracle of the Cell here.