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Dinosaurs and More: Bechly on the Fossil Record vs. Neo-Darwinism

David Klinghoffer

Paleontologist Günter Bechly spoke to our Southern California Science & Culture Network about “Evidence Against Neo-Darwinism from the Fossil Record.” That evidence includes “explosions,” “jumps,” and “revolutions” in the history of life that cannot be explained given the assumption of Darwinian gradualism. As he notes,

The most popular fossil animals of all probably [are] dinosaurs. There was a paper just one year ago about the origin of dinosaurs in the Triassic. It was published in Nature Communications and here is a quote from this paper: “It’s amazing how clear cut the change from ‘no dinosaurs’ to ‘all dinosaurs’ was.”

The paper acknowledges an “explosive increase in dinosaurian abundance.” As Dr. Bechly says, that’s the kind of observation you wouldn’t be surprised at coming from the dreaded “creationists,” and yet it’s a straightforward finding of mainstream paleontology. Watch the rest below, and enjoy.