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Premiere: New Behe Video Explores “Secrets” of Blood Clotting

Every time you cut yourself on a rose thorn while gardening, something amazing happens. One might even say it’s miraculous. You see a drop of blood, but quickly the bleeding stops. If it didn’t, you would be in mortal danger. We take blood clotting for granted. But as biologist Michael Behe explains in the new 7th episode of Secrets of the Cell, the process is precisely designed and irreducibly complex, defying Darwinian explanations and pointing to purposeful intelligence.

The Secrets of the Cell series has been enormously successful in translating the science of intelligent design, and Professor Behe’s take on it, for the widest audience. Previous episodes have had as many as half a million views. The strategy of the Center for Science & Culture has been to take ID to the world through peer-reviewed and popular science publications, but equally important, through videos on our YouTube channel, with 176,000 subscribers.

Now in its second season, Secrets features Behe as the genial host, making design science easily understandable, including to students. It’s beautifully produced and animated, thanks to filmmaker Cal Covert, whose brainchild it is. If you attended the CSC’s Insiders Briefing, you saw a short clip from the episode. The full video is 16 minutes long and premieres today. It’s eminently worth sharing. See it now: