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“Suspect Science”: Stephen Meyer and James Tour Bring Clarity on the Origin of Life

Photo source: Discovery Institute / YouTube (screenshot).

As Andrew McDiarmid mentioned, the second episode of Stephen Meyer’s conversation with Rice University chemist James Tour is up, exploring what Dr. Meyer calls the “suspect science” behind claims about the origin of life, aka chemical evolution. Here they analyze the research of Lee Cronin that has been championed uncritically by, among others, YouTuber personality “Professor” Dave Farina, who lacks the training to understand for himself the “cheating and junk” (Tour’s words) that are involved. What I found particularly helpful about this discussion is that Meyer stops Tour repeatedly and asks for clarification of scientific terms and concepts that might not be obvious to all viewers. This is, in a way, the conversation that you might wish Professor Tour had had with “Professor Dave” when they debated in person at Rice back in May. 

Stephen Meyer is the author most recently of Return of the God Hypothesis. Go here for the free mini-book by Dr. MeyerScientific Evidence for a Creator.