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Darwinism — Like Every Other Known Natural Process — Devolves 


Although every other known natural (unintelligent) process tends to turn order into disorder, Darwinists have always believed that natural selection is the one natural process in the universe that can create order — spectacular order — out of disorder.

In my 2012 video  “Evolution Is a Natural Process Running Backward” I cited examples (beginning at the 10:50 mark) from Michael Behe’s 2007 book The Edge of Evolution to show that despite all the claims about the creative powers of natural selection, those powers have never actually been observed. 

Behe looks in detail at “the thrust and parry of human-malaria evolution” and concludes that it “did not build anything — it only destroyed things.” He reviews the results from Richard Lenski’s decades-long E. coli experiments, which a New Scientist article claimed was “the first time evolution has been caught in the act,” and concludes that natural selection only broke some genes and turned others off. Thus, I concluded in the video, “It seems that natural selection of random mutations is like every other unintelligent cause in the universe after all, and tends to create disorder out of order and not vice versa.”

Although I have not yet seen a copy, I was excited to learn that Behe’s new book, Darwin Devolves, expands greatly on this theme and concludes that natural selection is not, after all, the one natural process in the universe that can make nature run backward. Those are my words, not Behe’s, and to understand what I mean, you’ll have to watch the video (English and Spanish versions may be found here and here).

Image: E. coli bacteria, by Joaquin D Taylor [CC BY 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons.