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Intelligent Design — Join the Resistance While There’s Still Time

Photo: Stephen Meyer, David Berlinski, and David Gelernter (l to r).

The Resistance, that is, to science driven by ideology. Evolution News is the daily voice of the scientists and scholars who advocate for an objective recognition of the intelligent design that flows through the universe, from the level of the cosmos as a whole, through the history of life, down to the level of the individual cell and even the atom. Stephen Meyer, Michael Denton, Douglas Axe, Ann Gauger, Günter Bechly, Brian Miller, Douglas Axe, Michael Behe, David Berlinski, and others — these are the science stars who lead the ID movement.

As the editor of Evolution News, I have the privilege of working with them all. They are the Resistance to the media and academic powers that be, powers that seek to drain the hope from young people, adults — everyone — just when we need it most. Our hope is for a cosmos filled with meaning and purpose, communicated through the language of strong scientific evidence. It’s what Stephen Meyer calls, in the title of his upcoming book, the “Return of the God Hypothesis.”

Science Weaponized

Please consider joining the Resistance with your gift now to support our work at Evolution News. Science, as it’s presented to the public, is increasingly weaponized, politicized. We saw that recently when editors of a prestigious biology journal, the Journal of Theoretical Biology, buckled to the censors and denounced an article, explicitly supporting intelligent design, that they themselves had published! The online landscape of news and social media is shifting quickly, as you know, and not in the direction of greater freedom.

When I asked Oxford University mathematician John Lennox about the ID movement and its leaders, he said, “I greatly respect other people who, sometimes at great risk to their academic reputation, have decided that they are going to say these kinds of things in public.” Yale computer scientist David Gelernter agrees, saying that to reject Darwinism in academia today is “to take your life in your hands.” The risks are greater than ever.

A Precious Window

We may be in a precious window when ID scientists can still reach any interested reader, anywhere in the world, any day of the year — though the vehicle of Evolution News. Will that window remain open indefinitely? I could assure you that it will, but the drive to control opinion in our world tells me not to be so confident about that! Just think — who could have foreseen all the events, in science and in culture, of 2020? 

Not me. We live in combustible times. Please take a moment now to support good science and a positive alternative to the policing of science by power.