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Brian Miller: The Physics of God

Photo source: Science Uprising.

The latest episode of Science Uprising, “Big Bang: Something from Nothing?,” features physicist Brian Miller, along with John Lennox and Stephen Meyer. Dr. Miller, who holds a PhD in his field from Duke University, also sat down to answer basic and advanced questions about the Big Bang. The video, a bonus feature from Science Uprising, is wonderfully concise in explaining why scientists once favored the model of an eternal universe, without a beginning, how that idea was vanquished by the advance of science, how some atheist cosmologists still resist, and why their resistance is futile:

In just 18 minutes, Miller lays to rest any reasonable doubts that our universe must have had a beginning. As in, “In the beginning.” Miller explains and detonates each major challenge to the Big Bang. There might be philosophical reasons to reject the conclusion and what it implies, or reasons of personal preference. But there are no plausible and non-desperate scientific reasons. This video is something to share with, among others, any students you know who are studying physics at the high school or college level. It would be interesting to hear what their teachers have to say in response. Also, let them know about the new Science Uprising episode.