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 “What Is a Man?” — New Book Out Today from Nancy Pearcey

Image: Tarzan, by Employee(s) of Principal Distributing Corporation, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Set aside one question of the moment — “What is a woman?” — and turn to a no less important problem that perplexes our culture: “What is a man?” In her new book, published today, The Toxic War on Masculinity, Center for Science and Culture fellow Nancy Pearcey addresses that question, examining the ways that Darwinian thinking has distorted ideas not just about the nature of human beings but specifically that of males. 

We have published three fascinating excerpts so far previewing the book. Find them here:

Pearcey spoke with Sean McDowell about her book, and noted this about the influential fictional character Tarzan, raised by apes: “Even after he learns European customs at the end of the book, he says to Jane, ‘I’m still a wild beast at heart’ and that was what many people thought the message of evolution was. Instead of asking men to live up to the image of God in them, they were to live down to the animal nature within.” That is a profound point, and it could account for a lot of what makes men today such a disappointment. Get your copy of The Toxic War on Masculinity today.