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New Online Homeschool Class Will Cover Chemistry — And Intelligent Design

Image source: Discovery Institute.

Over the last couple of years there’s been a major shift in U.S. educational preferences toward online and homeschool options. There are many reasons for this. A couple of obvious ones include people getting accustomed to online learning due to Covid, and the fact that parents increasingly feel they can no longer in good conscience send their kids to public schools. 

At Discovery Institute we’ve been watching these developments and realizing that there’s a growing demand for online courses for homeschool students who want to learn solid science in an objective manner, without a materialistic bias.

With this in mind, I’m very happy to announce that starting this fall, Discovery Institute will offer an online high school chemistry course through our new Discovery Institute Academy. I hasten to add that the course is being taught by my wife, Kristin Marais! The class will be a full two-semester course where students will learn high school chemistry, as well as how chemistry points to intelligent design. For details, please see here.

Expanding to Other Subjects

The Academy is launching on September 5. If things go as we hope, we’ll be expanding to other science subjects.

Kristin is a Washington State-certified science teacher with an undergrad degree in biochemistry, a master’s degree in teaching, and 15 years of educational experience spanning the traditional classroom, online classroom, curriculum development, and tutoring. This includes about six years of teaching chemistry courses online to students in a public-school context — so she is highly qualified! 

Of course, when she taught chemistry for public schools she never included intelligent design. But now that she’s teaching in a private homeschool context she’s excited to be able to explore the topic, with the intellectual resources of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. She loves teaching chemistry and is (in my unbiased opinion) one of the best science teachers a young person could hope for.

Where to Go for More Information

Yes, there are some pretty dry chemistry teachers out there, but Kristin isn’t one of them. To meet her and learn more about this class, please see this welcome video or listen to this podcast. For more information about the course, including the class syllabus and registration details, please see here.

The registration deadline is August 28. If you’ve got questions, please email Kristin at

Even if you don’t have a student who might be interested in taking this course, please do another student a favor by forwarding the information along to friends, family, and colleagues!