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Was Hitler a Creationist? Sure, Just Like Darwin


Hitler in his writing spoke of a “creator,” and a “Lord,” as well as using terms strongly suggestive of Darwinian thinking — a “struggle for existence” among biological organisms, notably, as the driving force behind history. This has led some atheists and religion critics to call the Nazi dictator a “creationist.” Is there any truth to this description?

Well, as we often find with the word “creationist,” it all depends on what you mean by it. By any reasonable definition, Hitler was as much a creationist as Charles Darwin. In other words, he was anything but.

In a helpful conversation for ID the Future with Todd Butterfield, historian Richard Weikart explains. Dr. Weikart’s latest book is Hitler’s Religion: The Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich.

Download the podcast here. And find more about Weikart and his work at FromDarwintoHitler.com.

Photo: Hitler in 1931, via Recuerdos de Pandora/Flickr.