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Darwin Devolves — Preorder Behe’s New Book; Plus Video Course on Intelligent Design!


The science behind intelligent design, and the case for doubting Darwin, continue to deepen. As they do, the foundations of traditional evolutionary theory and its modern non-design alternatives, neutral theory and natural genetic engineering, increasingly falter. As Michael Behe, the “Father of Intelligent Design,” writes in his forthcoming book, Darwin Devolves, “Despite occasional questions and bumps along the road, the greater the progress of science, the more deeply into life design can be seen extended.”

The book’s subtitle is The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution. It’s out on February 26, 2019, from HarperOne. And it’s indeed all about what’s new — this book could not have been written when Behe published his groundbreaking Darwin’s Black Box (1996) or his subsequent The Edge of Evolution (2007). It is the progress of science that has sealed Darwinism’s doom. As Behe says now, “those 20th-century advances — together with even-more-crucial 21st-century ones — should definitively settle the broad, basic issue in favor of design.”

The Fountainhead

Behe is in a sense the fountainhead of modern ID. You’ll want to preorder his latest now. Here’s what you get when you do: An extra chapter not included in Darwin Devolves. Free, early-bird access to an all new 41-episode video course with Dr. Behe on the history and science of intelligent design, from the Greek philosophers Anaxagoras and Diogenes of Apollonia to today. And a live, private conference call with Behe to ask your questions and pose your challenges. You can only take advantage of this very impressive offer by ordering here. Preordering is easy; you’ll find instructions at the DarwinDevolves.com website. See also Behe’s personal announcement in the video below on this page.

The book is important. Darwin Devolves describes in detail the actual source of evolution in nature. Behe surveys groups of organisms purported to be the premier examples of the Darwinian process at work, supposedly demonstrating the power of natural selection to drive innovative. He deals with Darwin’s finches, cichlid fishes, and the E. coli strains studied in Richard Lenski’s long-term evolution experiments. In all known cases, the predominant category of beneficial changes were mutations that degraded the function of genes. For instance, the genetic change that lies at the heart of a key variation in finch beak shape is a damaged gene that promotes a pointed shape.

The reason for this tendency is that breaking genes is far easier than enhancing an existing function or generating a new function. So beneficial changes in the former category will occur far faster.

In the few cases where beneficial changes add a new function, organisms are able to enter new environments, such as bacteria gaining the ability to live in a new host. However, the organism then typically loses the genes that allowed it to live in its original environment, such as in a lake. In the final result, the organism loses far more functions than it gained. It ends up trapped in the new environment. Game over.

Darwinism — Not as Advertised

This is not the vaunted theory that neo-Darwinism claims to be — capable of explaining the wonders of life through blind, unguided processes alone. Behe shows that science itself has defeated evolution and how it points now — definitively — to design. This is the choice we all face: cling to a failing theory or open our minds to the new idea that is bound to replace it.

You can make your own choice to get in early on what is certain to be a fascinating and exciting debate about Darwin Devolves. And make no mistake: Darwin Devolves will be the center of a major argument. As Behe amusingly notes of himself, this mild-mannered Lehigh University biochemist has been put, by Duke University atheist philosopher Alexander Rosenberg, in the league of no less than Joseph Stalin and Osama bin Laden! Oh, yes — Darwin loyalists and critics of intelligent design are already sharpening their knives.

This book will be an event. Don’t just read Darwin Devolves — study it with Dr. Behe himself, in depth, by taking a moment now to preorder your copy!