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Drive Darwinists Nuts with This One Solution to Fake News

John G. West


If you listen to the media, you’d think that science has refuted God, the debate over Darwin is closed, the solution to the origin of life is right around the corner, and humans are no more significant than cockroaches.

If you are as sick of this kind of fake news as I am, I have good news. There is a solution, and you can be a part of it.

The solution is this site — Evolution News & Science Today.

How It All Started

Discovery Institute started this news outlet back in 2004 to counter all the fake news in the debate over intelligent design. Since then, the audience for Evolution News has grown from a few thousand to more than a million users a year. In fact, according to Google, Evolution News is on track to reach 1.7 million users by the end of 2019. That’s right: Not 1,700. Not 17,000. But 1.7 million.

Our growing readership gets unique reporting and analysis from Discovery Institute Fellows including biochemist Michael Behe, philosopher Stephen Meyer, astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez, biologists Jonathan Wells and Ann Gauger, paleontologist Günter Bechly, and many more.

They Hate Us; Here’s Why

Darwinists absolutely hate Evolution News. Why? Because they know we have an impact! Remember how Yale computer scientist David Gelernter gave up his faith in Darwin earlier this year? One book that influenced his change of mind was Debating Darwin’s Doubt. Many of the chapters in that book were originally published as articles here on Evolution News.

Whenever the media or scientific establishment spreads phony information about evolution, we spring into action.

For example, when the journal Science went after Michael Behe’s blockbuster book Darwin Devolves this year with a sham review, Mike and our other scientists were able to use Evolution News to utterly demolish the journal’s bogus claims.

All told, we publish 800+ articles a year, and we even produce an edition in Spanish, translated for us by a courageous university student in Central America.

We want to continue Evolution News (EN) and expand its impact in 2020. You can be a part of our efforts by generously supporting EN now.

Independent journalism costs money, and we don’t have deep pockets. We don’t hide our content behind a paywall because we want to influence the most people possible. And we don’t undercut what we do by filling our site with embarrassing ads… you know, the ones for mail order brides or miracle cures for medical conditions you’d rather not think about.

The bottom line is that we need your support — TODAY. Right now is when we have to determine our budget for Evolution News for next year. I need to know whether I can count on you.

Help Expand Our Efforts

Free speech doesn’t mean much if there is no platform where dissenting ideas can actually be heard. Will you help provide a platform for Steve Meyer, David Berlinski, Mike Behe, and others to tell the truth about Darwin?

If even a fraction of our readers donate just $100 a year to support the publishing of Evolution News, we will have more than enough resources not just to continue our critical efforts against fake news, but to expand them.

The problem is that everyone thinks someone else will provide the needed support. In reality, it all starts with you.

Photo: Charles Darwin in 1855, by Maull and Polyblank, Literary and Scientific Portrait Club, via Wikimedia Commons.