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Praise for Behe’s Latest: “Facts Before Theory”

Biologist Michael Denton welcomes the latest from Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe — A Mousetrap for Darwin: Michael J. Behe Answers His Critics:

Wow, what a book! Michael Behe’s A Mousetrap for Darwin is a compelling read for anyone following the Darwin vs. ID debate. It not only is a magnificent testimony to his own massive contributions in so many areas of ID over more than two decades since he first published Darwin’s Black Box, but also provides perhaps the most comprehensive and incisive critique of neo-Darwinism currently in print. In the more than one hundred articles and posts in the book, Behe revisits key arguments for ID which he initially developed and that have since become foundational to the defense of ID, such as the argument from irreducible complexity and the argument from waiting times. The book represents a devastatingly brilliant unanswerable response to his Darwinian critics and to the whole Darwinian worldview. Behe brings out more forcibly than any other author I have recently read just how vacuous and biased are the criticisms of his work and of the ID position in general by so many mainstream academic defenders of Darwinism. And what is so telling about his many wonderfully crafted responses to his Darwinian critics is that it is Behe who is putting the facts before theory while his many detractors — Kenneth Miller, Jerry Coyne, Larry Moran, Richard Lenski, and others — are putting theory before the facts. In short, this volume shows that it is Behe rather than his detractors who is carefully following the evidence. Of all the fine essays in this volume, I think his responses to Lenski in Parts 4 and 7 are particularly outstanding and unanswerable. Lenski’s inability to undermine Behe’s critique gives the lie to the notion that Darwinism provides anything resembling a convincing account of the biological world.

Dr. Denton is former Senior Research Fellow in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, and the author of Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, Nature’s Destiny, and other books. Get your copy of A Mousetrap for Darwin now!