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Axe: Why Darwinists Hope You Don’t Know Math

Image source: DiscoveryU.

Mathematics has been at the foundation of modern challenges to neo-Darwinism, while those challenges are met mostly with handwaving. Darwinists have to hope you haven’t thought through the math — which isn’t all that hard to follow, as molecular biologist Douglas Axe demonstrates in an excerpt from his new online course from DiscoveryU, “Douglas Axe Investigates Molecular Biology and Intelligent Design.”

The excerpt is a two-in-one: two short, successive lectures covering “The Challenge of Complex Adaptation for Evolution.” The challenge is insuperable whether you are talking about large, complex organisms (brown bears, for example, or blue whales) or the far, far more numerous and rapidly reproducing case of an oceanic species of bacteria. As Axe explains, he has devoted his own research to bacteria because if unguided evolution is going to work anywhere, it’s got by far it’s best shot there.

Dr. Axe, who is Maxwell Professor of Molecular Biology at Biola University, has a remarkable gift for illuminating issues that evolutionists would greatly prefer to remain darkened from the public’s view. Look here for a detailed outline of the course, which is 40 lectures in length and includes quizzes after each class to make sure students are keeping up with the material. It’s perfect for homeschoolers or adult learners. Watch the excerpt now: