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New Course on Evolution Challenges Group-Think with Scientific Skepticism

Image source: Discovery Institute.

Very different from decades past, who would have thought that science, of all things, would be subjected to fear and tribal group-think as it is today? Of the scientific subjects on which your obedience is expected, the most profound in its consequences is evolution.

A new course from DiscoveryU with biologist Jonathan Wells equips you to think critically about life’s origins. Says Dr. Wells, summarizing the official perspective, “If we search long enough for natural explanations, we will eventually find them. Mind, free will, spirit, God, intelligent design — these are only illusions. Well, that is materialistic science not empirical science. The natural explanation takes priority over the evidence.”

What has been called “totalitarian science” has its heretics, and chief among them are the doubters of evolutionary orthodoxy. Consider spending the time — 40 lessons with accompanying quizzes to check your progress — to weigh the evidence for yourself and learn to discuss it knowledgably with others.

The course is perfect for students of all ages, and Jonathan Wells is wonderfully qualified to teach it. With PhDs from UC Berkeley and Yale, respectively in molecular and cell biology and religious studies, he is the author of Icons of EvolutionsThe Design of LifeThe Myth of Junk DNA, and other books. Check out two sample lessons and a full course outline at DiscoveryU.