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Our Conferences Are a Force Multiplier — Here’s How That Works

Photo credit: Ildar Garifullin via Unsplash.

If you couldn’t make it to the recent Westminster Conference on Science and Faith, let me share some of the gratitude and amazement we’ve heard from audience members:

  • “Michael Egnor’s topic and delivery left the audience stunned. What a perspective on life and the mind.”
  • “I was especially struck by the ‘Optics of the Eye’ session. I’d never thought in such concrete terms before of God being such a marvelous engineer. It was breathtaking and the speaker’s enthusiasm was contagious!”
  • “Excellent conference. Thank you for all the hard work.”

In September, hundreds of Westminster attendees learned about new evidence of our body’s masterful design. If the audience was grateful, so are we at the Center for Science and Culture: equipping the students, parents, pastors, and educators in the room with the message about intelligent design would not have happened without backing from a host of CSC supporters. What they made possible was a force multiplier, reaching not only those in attendance but many more. 

I’ll Tell You How

Permit me to introduce Walt, a generous supporter who attended the conference and told us how he advances the message he heard from our speakers. As a service consultant at a high-end car dealership, he likes to share what he learns with his customers. He wrote:

I really enjoyed the entire conference. And I’m already getting to put some of it to work. Monday I was talking with a customer who is a vascular surgeon. I’ve known him for nine or ten years but we had never discussed anything “metaphysical.” I told him about the conference and in particular about Dr. Egnor’s presentation and the Your Designed Body session. He was intrigued. I gave him a copy of Your Designed Body and he is intending to read it. Today I talked with a brain surgeon about the final session and Dr. Egnor’s work on the mind-brain problem. We talked for twenty minutes or so, even getting into belief in God and materialism/naturalism. When Egnor’s book comes out next year, I plan to give him a copy. 

This morning, I shared some stuff from Michael Egnor’s talk with a third doctor, who happens to be my wife’s now retired pain physician. He was fascinated. He asked, “Is Dr. Egnor writing a book?” I told him it’s coming out in 2024.

Please pass on to all the DI folks that these conferences are valuable, and the materials that come from the speakers open doors of conversation that normally would not be accessible.

Thanks so much, Walt! The more people see the evidence, the more it informs their own thinking — and also the conversations they have with others. Walt is seeing the results with his customers.

The Message of Intelligent Design

As Walt kindly acknowledged, those who are involved with education and outreach for the CSC are an essential part of bringing the ID evidence to a growing force of people ready to pass the information along. Yet they would have nothing to share without the research and scholarship taking place at the CSC. In turn, donors outfit our scientists for long hours of training and discovery. Your involvement is key to advancing the message of intelligent design.

There is no doubt that the message is getting out there. Over 1,200 people attended the Westminster Conference on Science and Faith, and over 1,500 joined us for the Dallas Conference this past winter. But if you missed either of these, our colleagues in media and communication are there for you. Videos of our previous conferences have reached more than 3,600,100 views altogether on YouTube, and counting. All that content prepares our viewers for the next time they find themselves in a conversation about Darwin.

Again, multiplying the impact of these excellent biologists, geologists, physicians, and engineers happens only as a result of the generosity of donors. To enable all the initiatives of the CSC, would you please join us and our supporters with a gift of any amount?